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Diamond Grinding Discs (Premium Series) APOLLO-S Diamond Grinding Disc - by Metallurgical Supplies a Metallography World Corporation



Resin-bond diamond grinding pad
Apollo-S is a self-sharpening, flexible diamond grinding pad for flat- and fine grinding applications, replacing traditional SiC paper disc in grinding of various materials. Precision graded diamond and optimized grit concentration lead to short process times, flat surfaces and superior edge sharpness.



Resin-bond diamond grinding pads
SQUADRO-M and SQUADRO-H are innovative diamond grinding pads that extends fine grinding to single-micron grit sizes. They replace conventional lapping processes, achieving superior results in terms of material removal rate, surface quality, work piece geometry and tool life. SQUADRO-M and SQUADRO-H provide for an easy, clean and efficient fine grinding process.



Resin-bond diamond grinding pad
Squadro-O is a diamond grinding pad specially optimized for fine grinding of optical
components. Manufactured using high-precision diamond micron sizes in a self-sharpening bond, Squadro-O achieves excellent surface quality, exact geometry and very high removal rates. Squadro-O can be used for both flat or spherical optical components and provides easy, clean and efficient processes.


Metal-bond diamond grinding pad
For non-metallic samples such as ceramics, glass and rock samples we recommend the diamond grinding pad PLATO. The diamond particles on the surface are metal-bonded and ensure a high and steady removal, even in very hard materials. PLATO diamond grinding pads do not need to be pre-processed or dressed. Due to the high diamond concentration and quality the pad is self-sharpening. This grinding pad is suitable for almost all cooling lubricants because of its metal binding. In the field of stone processing even the dry usage is possible.



Resin-bond diamond grinding pad
CARAT is a self-sharpening diamond grinding pad for fine-grinding applications, replacing traditional SiC paper. Brittle materials such as nitride and oxide layers on steel can be ground without chipping, materials with low dimensional stability can be processed without deformation. Short process times, flat surfaces and superior edge sharpness are achieved due to precision graded diamond and optimized grit concentration.