META-POL-P Portable Grinder Polisher, E-FM-MP1 = META-POL-P = Power Operated - E-FM-MP1 by Metallurgical Supplies from Buffalo
Product Code: E-FM-MP1

META-POL-P Portable Grinder Polisher, E-FM-MP1 = META-POL-P = Power Operated - E-FM-MP1 by Metallurgical Supplies from Buffalo

Product Code: E-FM-MP1
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Product Description

portable Grinder / Polisher

E-FM-MP1 = META-POL-P = Power Operated.

E-FM-MP2 = META-POL-B = Battery Operated.


META-POL is a battery powered portable Grinder / Polisher and etcher designed for metallographic sample preparation in the field or in a laboratory. META-POL contains maintenance-free batteries to work without stationary mains, consists of a control unit and a precision hand-guided grinding-polishing device with a high-performance micro motor. 

META-POL’s hand-guided device can be used with either 45° or 90° angle or straight grinding-polishing pieces. The switch for ON/OFF is on the hand-guide and provides a click sensation with a confirmation tone from the control unit when the switch is operated. 


Control unit
built-in batteries: 8 pcs. type 18650 3.6 V / 3400 mAh (Panasonic)
charging voltage 4.2 V
battery power: nominal 28.8 V max 33.6 V (8 x 4.2 V)
out 12 - 30 V (28.8 V - 33.6 V) infinitely variable, max. current 2.5 A
Current and voltage display
allows simultaneous charging and mains operation
Dimensions: approx. 104 x 54 x 160 (W x H x D) mm
Weight: approx. 1000 gs
Housing: aluminum
Transport case inclusive

Charger / Power adapter for the mains operation
in 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz / out 33,6 V / 2 A DC
cable for electricity socket US standard
cable for electricity socket EU standard (except UK).

Shoulder bag (synthetic leather)


META-POL mechanical grinding and polishing machine consisting of:

♦  a control unit, Batteries installed (metal case),
♦  Handpiece: NK261 engine, with engine switch and cable, reducer, Angel piece 90 °
   Grinding and polishing plate carrier d = 30 mm
♦  Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.3" x 7" (WxHxD)    110x60x180 mm (WxHxD) 
♦  2.2lbs
♦  hard carrying case


Angle piece 90 °, with 3-mm collet on


Angle piece 45 °, with 3-mm collet on


Straight quick release piece of, with 3-mm collet on


Cotton rolls 100 pieces per bag


Shoulder bag for META-POL, synthetic leather





built-in batteries: 8 pcs. type 18650 3,6 V / 3400 mAh (Panasonic)
charging voltage 4,2 V
battery power: nominal 28,8 V max 33,6 V (8 x 4,2 V)
Dimensions: approx. 104 x 54 x 120 (W x H x D) mm
Weight: approx. 900 gs
Cable to connect with Minipol
Plug charger EU standard incl. Adapter for USA; Canada; Thailand F
in 100 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz / out max 42 V automatic / 1 A DC
EU standard (except UK)

Field metallography is widely used for microstructure analysis on large parts (samples) that cannot be easily carried or where destructive preparation is not permissible such as storage tanks, piping system, power plants, and so on.  Field Metallography allows for quick on-site evaluation of a component. There are numerous advantages in using on site field metallography.

Portable and can be used on-site.
•Can be used to monitor quality of purchased components.
•Nondestructive with Replica techniques.
•Replicas are ideal for both flat and curved surfaces.
•Ability to evaluate microstructural changes in a component during its lifetime.
•Wide range of application area

Product Advantages

  • A portable unit for electrolytic polishing and etching
  • Fully automatic program run controlled by a microprocessor
  • Independent from the power supply by using a Li-Ion storage battery
  • Handle with the integrated polishing unit, Start / Stop function
  • Handle with multicolor LED for showing the current operating state
  • Operating panel with clear LCD display for all important operating state
  • Adjustable voltage and current, adjustable operating time

After grinding and polishing (instead of chemical etching) electrolytic etching of the prepared spot may be
used with connecting the Etching Pen.

---Connect the Etching Pen to Socket #4.
---Clamp the anode (red wire) of the Etching Pen to the sample or workpiece by the clamp or the magnetic anode supplied.
---Select the Etching Mode (E1 or E2) from the adjustment knob #3
---Remove the closing cap and insert a cotton-wool tampon into the Etching Pen.
---Fill the Etching Pen with the relevant electrolyte (depending on material) using the syringe by putting the syringe into the filling hole on the side of the etching pen.
---The cotton-wool tampon is soaked with the relevant electrolyte.
---Wipe the etching pen on the prepared spot until etching is done. (The mirror-like polished surface becomes darker).
---After the etching process is finished, clean the area with water or alcohol (ethanol) to stop the etching process.
---Do not over etch when using the portable microscope. Forgetting a replica for laboratory examination make over-etching.
---When not in use the close the cap of the Etching Pen.


Materials Electrolyte Etching (Replacing Chemical
Etching with…)
Carbon steels Special Salt Solutions
e.g. 5% NaCl solution
E2 (Nital)
Aluminum Alloys (10% NaCl solution)
High-alloyed steels ital (3% HNO3 in ethanol) +
water (50:50) or 3% aqueous HNO3
E2 (concentrated acid
(ferritic / martensitic)
Austenitic stainless steels 10% oxalic acid E1 (V2A-steel formulation)

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