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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - by Metallurgical Supplies a Metallography World Corporation

Ultrasonic thickness gauge is the newest promoted product by Metallurgical Supplies. It pays more attention to user experience and functional innovation. Adopted with 320*240 colorful LCD display, it can show you clear measurement result under dim light and strong sunshine environment, improved the visual experience greatly. Sealed aluminum-magnesium alloy case delicate design, smaller volume, better quality are specially designed for defense against oil, dust in the bad sit environment. With intelligent warning function, it will promote automatically when beyond the setting range, it is convenient for reading. It can meet the efficient collecting material’s multiple points’ thickness accurate testing demand. It supports 0.001 high accuracy display and Bluetooth communication. With through coating mode and common mode, its unique performance of capable for testing thickness through the coating provides efficient solution for testing the workpiece of coated surface or corrosion materials. It can measure the workpiece directly without needing to get rid of the surface coating before measurement. It’s widely used for monitoring the production equipment’s’ various pipelines and pressure vessel corrosion reducing degree in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and so on. It also can be used for making accurate measurement to various plates and machining parts. It is the necessary professional precision instrument for improving the production efficiency and qualification rate as well as saving cost.

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