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About Us

Welcome to Metallurgical Supplies the place to find the best Metallographic Supplies, Consumables & Equipment for your METLAB’s metallographic needs.

We believe in our people, we believe in supporting our country economy by making sure our products are MADE IN USA. It takes companies like us and you to make sure our people are employed by helping companies that make sure their product is made in the USA that gets sold to you.

We will fight for the lowest price on your behalf while keeping the product always MADE IN USA.

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you at the pricing that will be competitive without changing the quality.

We thoroughly check the quality of our products, working only with reliable manufacturers & suppliers so that you only receive the best quality product.

Here at Metallurgical Supplies a Metallography World Corporation our goal is to build a superior business relationship by providing superb customer service, quality products and maintain the best pricing for your company.  We strive to meet all your company’s requests and needs daily.  We pride ourselves on our accountability to our customers.

Our goal from the start was to change the industry of supplies, by bringing the product pricing down.  Doing so, we realized we had started an industrial war from competition to some “manufacturers” all against us.  We stood our ground because we believe in this. 

The same goes for small businesses. It only takes one small company to change the industry.
A company with the right morals that takes each company as part of our family.   We treat each person equally, and no company is too big or too small. We believe in fighting for the right pricing that each company deserves.  We have done this from the beginning of our endeavors, and we will continue to provide the highest quality products as well.
Our competitors will try but will never come close to the superb service we provide to each and their company.
We stand strong in the wake of our competitors.  Anyone can slash pricing but always remember who started the pricing revolution.